Items we accept

At Reverse Garbage we try and say “yes” to your generous donations as often as we can. The following is a list of some of the many items we accept.

  • Card & paper (new) – all types, including cardboard boxes
  • Fabric & textiles – rolls, large pieces, swatches, sample books, stripping, felt, large fabric offcuts, dacron, wool
  • Haberdashery – Zippers, buttons, thread, belts, clips, shoulder pads, braid, ribbon
  • Leather – Belts, rolls, skins, offcuts (larger than hand size)
  • Metals – Punchouts, shelving brackets, wire, sheets
  • Visual merchandising – Mannequins, body shells, decorations, props, display items, corflute, signage and coloured contact
  • Netting and sun shade material
  • Containers  – plastic, glass and metal containers; plastic, cardboard and metal drums; plastic boxes, pots, and bottles
  • Plastic, cardboard & rubber tubing
  • Plastics and foam – sheet Perspex, acetate, cut-outs, polypropylene, stencils, vinyl, O-rings, expanded polystyrene (sheets and blocks), containers, neoprene, eva skins, stickybacks, closed cell foam
  • Foam rubber
  • Corks and bottle tops (must be clean and if metal, not rusted)
  • Books, comics and quality magazines – in good to excellent condition
  • Vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, videos and electronic games – in good to excellent condition (also movie posters, film reels, projectors etc.)
  • Props and Costumes –theatre props, costumes, set pieces, wigs, fake jewellery etc.
  • Theatre/Film Sets & Materials – flats, columns, treads, staging pieces, plinths, lighting gels, cradles (depending on size)
  • Toys – in excellent condition please.
  • Furniture – office, school (no MDF)and domestic in good condition
  • Full sheets of MDF
  • Doors
  • Industrial offcuts
  • Commercial overruns
  • Modern appliances
  • Bikes, bike parts, wheels, springs and interesting bits and pieces
  • DIY materials – tools, fittings etc.
  • Building Materials – tiles, pavers, de-nailed timber, carpet, vinyl etc.
  • Containers: Fibre, plastic and metal drums; glass and metal containers of all types
  • Paint: interior, exterior, art paint (must be in good condition and at least 25% full depending on size)
  • Wood & timber – interior/planed, flooring, veneer, spools, frames, plywood etc.
  • Rope, cord & twine
  • Catering and medical disposables (unused, no sharps)
  • Foils and films
  • Blank Media – CDs & CDRs and cases
  • Stationery – pad paper, pens, pencils, folders, blank paper etc.
  • Novelty & retail goods – excess stock
  • New or vintage clothing and accessories, including junk jewellery
  • Ceramics & glassware – in excellent condition, new or used
  • Anything unusual!

If you have something interesting you think we may accept, please refer to our Making a Donation page for information regarding drop offs and pick ups.

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