Reverse Garbage Supports Rev. Bill Crews Exodus Foundation

Narelle and Rob from Rev. Bill Crew's Exodus Foundation
Narelle Mantle, Reverse Garbage CEO loads boxes of donated jackets to Rob from Rev. Bill Crew’s Exodus Foundation.

Reverse Garbage greatly appreciates the continued support we receive from our community and we love to be able to ‘give back’ whenever we can. So we were very ‘chuffed’ when Rob from Rev. Bill Crew’s Exodus Foundation met with Narelle Mantlle, CEO of Reverse Garbage (and Nudl God!), to accept our donation of  winter jackets to help the many needy individuals who turn to the Exodus Foundation for help.

“Each week we see the smiling faces of those who visit the Exodus Foundation van for a warm, healthy meal and we wondered how Reverse Garbage could help,” said Narelle Mantle, Reverse Garbage CEO. “After chatting with Rob, our Reverse Garbage staff searched our warehouse and loaded the Exodus van with our entire stock of winter jackets – about 100 of them. We are very happy to help support the Exodus Foundation and hope these jackets provide warmth and comfort to many.”

The Exodus Foundation van visits The Addison Road Centre Monday to Friday to provide meals, supplies and support to the needy. The Addison Road Centre kindly provides space for the Exodus Foundation van in support of the Foundation’s invaluable work in our community.

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