Movember at Reverse Garbage & ARCC

Reverse Garbage Movember

Not happy with being unable to grow a moustache herself (no matter how hard she tried!) the Nudl God has attached a Movember moustache to her Reverse Garbage car in support of Movember this month.

“Movember Lane was unveiled at The Addison Road Community Centre in late October and since then our Reverse Garbage staff have been raising funds to support Movember and specifically male mental health and prostate cancer. Many of our staff have had friends and family who have been personally affected by cancer or depression; so this is a cause close to our hearts.”

“We’d like to thank all those who have donated generously to The Addison Road Community Centre Movember Lane page and to Reverse Garbage. If you see the Reverse Garbage car with Moustache zooming about, feel free to give me a wave!”

To make a donation to support Movember and Team Reverse Garbage, please head to:

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