Reverse Garbage Wins Sustainability Leadership Award

Target Sustainability Awards

Reverse Garbage, Australia’s largest not-for-profit creative reuse centre, was joint Winner of the Sustainability Leadership Award at Marrickville Council’s Target Sustainability Environment Awards held 28 November 2012.

The awards recorgnise and celebrate sustainability achievements by local business and individuals in the local community. Reverse Garbage was recognised and congratulated for decades of hardwork  in diverting valuable resources from landfill and promoting reuse, sustainability and waste reduction to schools, business, industry and government.

“We are honoured to receive the Sustainability Leadership Award and to share this illustrious award with fellow not-for-profit co-operative Alfalfa House,” said Narelle Mantle, Reverse Garbage CEO . “Increasingly, our community is realising the importance of sustainability and we are especially proud that our continued hardwork and advocacy of reuse is seeing more and more resources being diverted from landfill and back into our community.”

“We’d like to sincerely thank Marrickville Council for this recognition and for their “Target Sustainability @ Marrickville” environment program. Marrickville Council are leading the way in promoting sustainability in the local community and supporting local businesses to reduce their environmental impact, and this should be applauded.”

“Of course and as always, we’d also like to thank the community and our donors for their continued support of Reverse Garbage and for helping us lead the way in sustainability.”

Reverse Garbage was also ‘Runner Up’ in the Community Partnership Award and ‘Finalist’ in the Resource Recovery Award.

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Reverse Garbage

Reverse Garbage is an internationally recognised, award-winning environmental co-operative committed to promoting sustainability. Each year Reverse Garbage collects tonnes of resources including reusable off-cuts, over-runs, art & craft materials, stage props, knic-knacks, furniture and other items from hundreds of supporting commercial and industrial businesses, as well as through the generosity of the community.