I’m Dreaming of a Reuse Christmas … Reuse Christmas Setting!

Reuse Christmas Setting

Christmas is almost upon us and across the globe millions and millions of dollars is being spent on new Christmas decorations and items, many of which will be discarded to landfill come the new year. As our RG Creative team shows, however, Christmas doesn’t necessarily have to be wasteful nor expensive with decorations creatively made from reuse materials – many of which can be found in the home or at Reverse Garbage!

Reuse Setting 3

Each of the furniture items shown in the photos were all donated to Reverse Garbage for community reuse, along with the cutlery, wine glasses, plates and white tablecloth. The Christmas centre piece decorations are made from reuse materials sourced from our Marrickville site and the fabulous festive red cloth is actually a piece of fabric cut to size. The ottoman stools are made with timber framing underneath, dacron for seat cushioning and a hessian sack and City of Sydney Banner used as attractive covering.

Reuse Christmas setting

We’re especially proud of the napkins and napkin holders made completely of reuse. We used fabric squares for napkins, while the napkin rings are cleverly made from textbook pages and cuttings from old Christmas cards! Plus check out the place mats – music to our ears – reused vinyl records!

In upcoming posts we’ll also show you the amazing Reuse Christmas Wreaths (visible on the wall in the background) and other examples of reuse Christmas decorations that not only save you your hard earned dollars, but is a creative and fun activity for you and the family, which ultimately helps to save our environment.

Come in and get creative this Christmas – all items are available at our Marrickville Warehouse at considerably discounted prices!

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