Reverse Garbage assists Mission Australia’s Feather Weight Initative

The Mission Australia pick up truck collecting bags of fabrics from Reverse Garbage. Eyelits on some of the banner materials required to be removed before packing for Feather Weight – our RG Staff Member discovers that the removed eyelits can be used to make bunting – further reuse!!

Reverse Garbage has come to the aid of Mission Australia’s Feather Weight social enterprise through  donations of fabrics and textiles from its Marrickville site.

“Mission Australia is grateful for the donation of textiles  from Reverse Garbage in November, ” said Mission Australia Social Enterprise Operations Manager, Bill Dibley. “The textile has received a second life and is now filling punching bags which are being dispatched for sale around Australia.”

“Mission Australia’s ‘Feather Weight’ business is a social enterprise which fills punching bags with reclaimed textiles.  This ensures textile waste is diverted from landfill and provides employment opportunities for people who experience barriers to the open labour market.  Mission Australia believes that this is the beginning of an exciting partnership between the two organisations”.

Reverse Garbage believes this to be a fabulous initiative by Mission Australia, one which embraces the principals of reuse to help save our environment and which supports people in our community who are in need.”

For more information about Feather Weight please CLICK HERE.

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