Trivia with a Cause a Success

On Friday 24 May up to 300 people gathered at the The Gumbramorra Hall, brought together by The Addison Road Community Centre and the TAFE Community Action group under the banner of ‘Education is Not For Sale – TAFE IS TOO IMPORTANT TO LOSE’ for another successful ‘Trivia With A Cause Event’, a social justice initiative and fundraiser of ARCC and proudly sponsored by Reverse Garbage.

Supporters enjoyed a night of challenging trivia questions tailored to, no only challenge the audience, but to educate them about the far-reaching benefits of TAFE, which are at now at risk under both governments. Supporters were also given the opportunity to write and sign letters to their local MP or Premier Barry O’Farrell, voicing their concerns about the future of TAFE.

Reverse Garbage’s ‘RG Creative’ Team were commissioned to decorate the event and did so exclusively using reuse materials. City of Sydney banners were used to decorate each table and to create an attractive wall of banners at the rear of the hall. In addition, the team created themed art installations with reuse materials, representing many of the TAFE courses and their sectors and industries under threat. Members of the public and distinguished guests thoroughly enjoyed identifying the various areas made by RG Creative and the clever utilisation of materials otherwise destined for landfill.


In addition, on sale were reuse cushions, made by Reverse Garbage’s very own Miss Death, from reuse materials such as hessian sacks and upholstery fabric. Also available were shoulder bags, glass pouches and wallets made from fabric and buttons sourced at Reverse Garbage, lovingly sewn by a Reverse Garbage supporter. The accessories and cushions were a huge success on the night, many of which were snapped up by eager buyers loving the different look and styles of each of the items.

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