Miss Death’s Adult Reuse Classes

Reverse Garbage’s very own – and very talented – ‘Miss Death’, creator of the almighty stryofoam gorilla who watches over our warehouse, shares with you her fabulous knitting and applique skills in hands-on workshops where participants learn how to weave and knit their very own reuse creations!

Most importantly, participants will help Reverse Garbage utilise and upcycle resources which were otherwise destined for landfill.

The two upcoming workshops are ‘Unbeweavable Applique Cushions’ (make your own cushions with Mexican Day of the Dead skull) and ‘Knit Wits!’ (participants learn how to weave banners and create their own lounge seat).

The Skull Cushion workshop is held the first Tuesday of every month. The Weaved Ottoman workshops are held the first Thursday of every month.

More information below! To book, please contact us on 02 9569 3132 or  info@reversegarbage.org.au