Indigenous Storytelling Garden


Thanks to the support of Disney Club Penguin and The Addison Road Community Centre, we are in the final stages of completing an Indigenous Storytelling Garden (yet to be named) close to our Marrickville reuse centre.

The garden will broaden opportunities for physical, intellectual, creative, social and cultural development for children in the community. The garden will be constructed sustainably using reuse materials from Reverse Garbage and is an opportunity for children and the community to learn about the Aboriginal culture and reuse through furniture, activities, a ‘bush tucker’ garden and art installations featured in the space.

The garden has been developed in consultation with award-winning Aboriginal Artist Brett Parker ( and will be a visual and interactive learning experience for children and families who visit. The garden will feature various animals and creatures from the Dreaming along with storyboard/signposted descriptions of their significance and meaning.

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We welcome volunteers of all ages – children to adults – to contribute to the space by painting some of the statues with the guidance of Brett Parker. Some of the statues in the garden have existed for more than 30 YEARS and with the restoration and construction of other statues, this garden will continue to thrive for another 30 years! One amazing story which has already come from the garden is of a local resident who helped paint some of the original statues some 30 years ago. Recently she was delighted when her daughters were able to follow her footsteps and repaint some of the current statues!

To register your interest in volunteering and contributing to the garden, please email


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