Margaret-Anne visits RG for help to raise funds for Cancer Research


It was our absolute pleasure to meet Margaret-Anne at Reverse Garbage Marrickville today!

Margaret-Anne, at the age of 74, is the oldest participant in the CAN TOO fundraising initiative and the highest fundaiser to date!

The CAN TOO charity trains individuals to participate in running and swimming events in return for fundraising sponsorships. Funds raised go directly to Cure Cancer Foundation Australia who grant approx. $100,000 a year to cancer researchers. Collectively, CAN TOO fundraisers have raised $13.3 million dollars in less than eight years!

Margaret-Anne has raised a staggering $170,001 since July 2007 with a goal of raising half a million dollars by her 77thth birthday. On May 5th Margaret-Anne became the oldest skydiver to make a tandem sky dive from a height of 14,000 ft. with Sky Dive the Beach as a Can Too fundraiser. WOW!

It was a pleasure to donate some of our orange City of Sydney Banners to Margaret-Anne for her to use to decorate her next fundraising event. Margaret even baked one of her renowned chocolate slices for us which we all devoured with a nice cup of tea!

If you would like to donate to Margaret-Anne’s fundraising, please head to:


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