The Yenmala Nura Indigenous Storytelling Garden Comes to Life


Members of the community are invited to attend the official opening of the Yenmala Nura (“Let’s Walk Through Country”) Indigenous Storytelling Garden at The Addison Road Community Centre, 12:30pm Tuesday 25 November 2014.

Reverse Garbage, Australia’s largest creative reuse centre, and Billyara Aboriginal Art have transformed the once derelict and run down garden area – originally built some 30 years ago – into a thriving and colourful community space with Indigenous designs, patterns and colours by award winning Aboriginal Artist, Brett Parker.

The Yenmala Nura Garden features a range of creatures, animals, totems and symbols brought to life via traditional and contemporary Aboriginal designs. Visitors to the garden will learn about the cultural significance and history of these entities through tours, information signs and comprehension activity sheets for children.

“When I first arrived at the garden, I saw all the possible Dreamtime and creation stories,” said Billyara Aboriginal Artist Brett Parker. “We restored the old statues and made some additions – a hunter and a gatherer, Tiddalik the frog, a pelican – and through them we have brought stories to life and created a space where the community can learn about Indigenous artwork and culture in a fun and engaging way.”

The garden also features edible bush tucker for the community to sample and take home such as native leek, bush peppermint and bush spinach.

“The bush tucker garden beds are all made from reuse materials from Reverse Garbage”, explains Reverse Garbage Marketing Manager, Mark Bond. “Pyramid and vertical garden beds have been made from old wooden pallets, planters from old timber and a giant crocodile created from car tyres. All demonstrating creative reuse.”

“We are fortunate to also collaborate with Petersham TAFE Outreach and Palletable Furniture who teach youth at risk new skills, such as making the picnic tables in the garden from wooden pallets.”

“We also look forward to completing a stunning mosaic Yarning Circle made from unwanted wall tiles; a recent addition to our original plan for the garden,” adds Bond.

The Yenmala Nura Garden is located next to the southern end of Reverse Garbage, within The Addison Road Community Centre, 8/142 Addison Road, Marrickville NSW.

Members of the community are welcome to attend the launch which will feature a traditional smoking ceremony, Aboriginal dancers, bush tucker food and more. RSVP to


The Yenmala Nura Garden project has been funded through the generosity of Disney Club Penguin.

Sincere thanks also to the following project contributors

For all media enquiries please contact Mark Bond Reverse Garbage Marketing Manager, 0413 277 311 or

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