Giving weight to our purpose

Reverse Garbage was selected as a pilot site for Zero Waste Network’s Impact Measurement project, which seeks to measure and communicate the social, environmental and economic impacts of reuse and repair activity in the Sydney region

As part of this project, Zero Waste Network has loaned us a pallet jack with a scale so we can weigh the amount of reuse resources we divert from landfill.

In the first week of the trial, we clocked just over 5 tonnes of donations! To give this measurement some perspective, that’s the equivalent of 333 cases of wine, 56 average men or a large truck.

For us, it’s rewarding to be able to quantify our achievements. Of course we see how much comes in and goes out each day, but being able to put a number on it – especially such a large one – is very satisfying.

RG’s Greg Jackson and ZWN’s Matt Allen giving a demo of the pallet jack scale


The Zero Waste Network Sydney is a regional network of reuse, repair, recycling and waste education enterprises operating from the Hunter Valley to the Illawarra. We work with businesses, local governments and social enterprises to grow the size, scope and capability of our sector, increase the supply pool for social procurement, and develop projects to increase residents’ participation in the reuse, repair and recycling economy.

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