Thank you one and all  

While we are grateful every day for the support that has kept Reverse Garbage going for over 44 years, World Gratitude Day on 21 September reminds us to take stock and say thank you.

We are grateful… for the amazing donations we receive every day. Ranging from the bizarre, random, and quirky to practical everyday items, the donations we receive from commercial and industrial organisations are what keep us going on our quest to make reuse everyone’s first choice.

We are grateful… to our volunteers who are from all walks of life. In addition to the stock standard activities that keep us functioning like unpacking trucks, tidying shelves, and packing craft kits, they get asked to do some tedious jobs – like pulling apart hair shavers that no longer work to rescue as many parts as possible!

We are grateful… to our customers who inspire us everyday with their vision for reusing our wonderful resources. From sculptures made from ball pit balls, Book Week costumes from cardboard barrels, to painting tools from random objects for the classroom.

We are especially grateful to our customers who have generously donated $7693 towards replacing our 15 year old ailing truck. Without our truck we can’t collect all our unique and interesting donations, or deliver our reuse resources to our customers, including schools and early education centres. If you’d like to help get us closer to our $50,000 target, you can donate below.

Who will you thank on World Gratitude Day?

Donate to our truck fund here


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