Children are the future – our messages are reaching them

A glimpse at the children’s placard messages at the recent climate change marches makes it clear they are very aware of their environment and want to be involved in taking care of it.
This was a very rewarding moment for us – especially when we saw that many of the placards were made from reuse resources! 

Reverse Garbage has been waving the flag for reuse way before it was hip and happening, long before hashtags and Insta stories were keeping it alive. That’s why we’re so pumped that the environmental causes are such a hot topic now and we want your help to keep the momentum going!

The original experts

Reverse Garbage was started by teachers for teachers way back in 1975. Their plan was to divert industrial discards from landfill and reuse those materials in their classrooms. While our customer base has diversified over the past 45 years, education is still our major focus and always will be.

The biggest impact we can have is to continue to educate the community on the positive impact of reuse – and ask them to spread the message.

Our team of Reverse Garbage educators are all passionate about our cause – and that is evident in every group they meet. They bring together years of experience in education and creative pursuits perfect for creative reuse.

We teach the teachers

We run professional development workshops – scheduled workshops on sustainability, creative reuse, and loose parts play here at Reverse Garbage or we can tailor a workshop to suit the curriculum.

We teach the children

It’s not unusual for our customers to reminisce about their first visit to RG being as part of a school excursion– all the way back to the 70 and 80s.

That’s how long we’ve been running excursions and incursions for school students. Our experience is invaluable in delivering workshops that engage and excite students at each stage of learning.

Early learning | Primary school | Secondary school | Tertiary

We teach the community

Education isn’t restricted to schools. We love taking our message to festivals and shopping centres where we can inspire even more open minds. For the kids we also run school holiday workshops and an in-term 8 week course called the REuseful Kids’ Club where everything the kids make will be useful, and not end up in the bin.

We’ve also started creative workshops for adults – sculpture and assemblage, and wabi sabi bag making.

… and we supply the reuse resources (in store and online)

We can spot an educator at 100 paces – they’re the resourceful type looking at the unusual items. We know what they need and we know what they love. We also know it can be hard to find time to get here to shop in person.

That’s why we have just started an online shop exclusively for educators. It stocks unusual reuse resources that just can’t be bought anywhere else – and a few of your staple consumables like paint, glue and clay at fair prices.

This shop opens once a quarter and operates on a first in best dressed basis. If you know an educator who should be  one of the first to know when it opens, ask them to subscribehere.

Our stamp of quality

As reuse and other environmental issues are the ‘cool’ causes right now, there are other organisations entering this space. The more people the message reaches, the better!

Just know when you see our logo – redesigned recently by UTS students – you can be assured you are dealing with the experts in reuse. A solid 45 years as a self-funded, not-for-profit environmental charity offers you a level of experience not easily replicated.

Enquiries and bookings

Please call us on 9569 3132 or email

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