10 things to make from a fabric sample book

Fabric sample books can send a creative mind spinning. The ‘ooohs and aahs’ abound at the sight of such beautiful fabrics perfectly colour coordinated in a neat little bundle, but are balanced by the more practical question of ‘what can I really make with such small pieces?’.

Reverse Garbage regular, Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial has answered that challenge with 10 things that can be made from one $4 fabric sample book from Reverse Garbage. If you have other ideas, we’d be happy to hear about them. Send us some pics.

The reuse resource
1. Notebook cover
2, Juggling balls
3. Gift tags
4. Opal card (travel card) holders (L) and 5. Key chain tag
6. Draw string bag (cleverly using the cord from the original fabric book)
7. Wallet (embrace the fabric that has the paper backing as it gives strength to some items)
8. Zip purse ( note, the gold heart is cut from an innersole found in Reverse Garbage’s fill-a-bag area)
9. Coaster
10. Coin purse or doggy doo bag holder that attaches to the leash

And after making all of these, there was still a lot of fabric left over!

Leftover fabric – what would you make?

All creations are a credit to Reverse Garbage fan, Celia Callow.
“I’m a blogger and sewer, and the mother of two wonderful sons who didn’t complain when they had to go on school camps in patchwork raincoats made from Reverse Garbage scrap. I’m also an avid bread baker. With my 12 year old sourdough starter ‘Priscilla’, we try to keep our neighbourhood well fed on freshly baked loaves. You can read about our adventures on our blog: Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

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