MYO fruit and veg bags

Taking a set of mesh bags with you when you go fruit and veg shopping is a fabulous way to cut back on single plastic bags!

If you shop once a week, just six mesh bags could save you bringing home over 300 plastic vegetable bags each year!

Yes, you can buy them new from fancy eco retailers, but why do that when you can easily make perfectly functional (and stylish) bags from reuse materials?

They’re so easy to whip up that you only need the most basic sewing skills. A sewing machine will make it easier but they can still be done by hand.

If you don’t already have a lightweight material at home that’s needs a reuse, pop into Reverse Garbage for a few metres of lace.

You’ll need something to use for a drawstring – an clean old shoelace, ribbon saved from a gift – or you’re sure to find something in aisle three at Reverse Garbage – cord, trim, lanyards.

Then follow our easy instruction sheet. Download here.

And sew to your heart’s content. Make them for presents for everyone you now, and don’t – gift them shoppers reaching for the plastic bags in the fruit and vege shop. Dare you.

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