ABC Catalyst explores the benefits of risky play

Watch the 8 minute segment of loose parts play

We were excited to be invited to be a part of ABC Catalyst’s program on Risk which aired on Tuesday, 8 October.

Presenter, Lily Serna, explored various ‘risky’ situations to explore how we assess how risky a decision or situation really is? And why are some people more likely to risk everything, while other consistently play it too safe?

Seven per cent of Australian kids between 4 and 17 have an anxiety disorder. Is it possible, that things are too safe and they’re not building brains that can cope?

Although our pre frontal cortex, our neurological breaking system that helps us think before we act doesn’t fully mature until we’re in our mid-20s, we develop a risk intelligence from the earliest age.

We set up an invitation to play for 6-9-year olds, that will actively encourage them to take risks. All items you see are loose parts from our warehouse – 100% reuse of course!

The parents were removed from the play area. Many were surpised by the type of play that emerged.

Watch the 8 minute loose parts play segment here.

The full episode can be viewed here, which includes power sliding a supercar, trapeze, fighting fires, games of chance.

If you’d like to introduce loose parts play into your school, take a look at the options we have available.

Some tips on how to break loose from boring play here.

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