Sustainability and Environment Week at Westfield Hornsby

By collecting bottle caps or other pieces of material around the house that can be reused in arts and crafts, families can create zero-waste artwork, providing hours of school holiday fun whilst also being good for the environment.

Last week, Reverse Garbage Education had the opportunity to run reuse workshops at Westfield Hornsby as a part of their Sustainability and Environment Week for kids. Families were encouraged to collect bottle caps and drop them off at Westfield Hornsby where they would be used to create a big reuse artwork. Reverse Garbage worked with children to create a mural that will be showcased in Westfield Hornsby’s community garden in March. Kids were also able to personalise their own reusable book bags. The workshops were a multifaceted opportunity for children to get creative whilst also learning more about the importance of reuse.

With a little help, families are able to learn how to live more sustainably now and well into the future. There are many ways to reduce waste at home and lead a more sustainable lifestyle. It is incredibly important to educate children from a young age, in order to instill the value of living a waste-free life. Westfield Hornsby provided Reverse Garbage with a platform to teach children this message. Through this workshop, families were able to learn that there is value in everything and that reuse is imperative to living a more sustainable life.

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