How to have a more environmentally friendly Easter hat parade

Small changes can make a big difference. One change you and your kids can make this Easter is to choose to reuse for the Easter hat parade. 

Imagine this, hundreds of kids at your school are excited to participate in the yearly Easter hat parade. Each child creates a beautiful and unique piece of art in the form of a hat. The hat is made out of various new craft materials bought from the local shops. These craft supplies are used once and the leftovers are likely thrown away. Think about how much waste this creates.

Meanwhile, there are truckloads of leftover and castaway materials that are idly sitting in a warehouse in Marrickville. These materials have been saved from going into landfill. Whenever something is thrown away, all the resources expended in its creation also go to waste, their value obliterated.

So this year, set your kids a challenge to create zero-waste Easter hats and baskets and teach them the importance of reuse. Let their creativity run free in the Reverse Garbage shop or in your own recycling bin. Discover the array of castaway materials ready to be transformed and repurposed into the most creative Easter hats or baskets.

Schools can book a Reverse Garbage Education workshop where we will explore materials, discuss reuse and recycling and create a waste-free Easter hat or basket.

Get in contact now and book us to visit your school or come to our place for an excursion.

We made these Easter bonnets and basket using items that would normally be thrown away. Instead of putting them straight in the recycling, we saved these cereal boxes, egg cartons, soft plastics, and magazine pages. When you’re done, you can pull them apart and put them all in the right recycling bin.

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