Collaborative Group Artwork For Kids Or Adults

Work with friends or family to build an artwork to give as a gift or as a team-building activity.

Using Reverse Garbage’s unique reuse materials each member will receive a kit with instructions to create a part of an artwork. Individuals create their piece and return them. Our artist will then use the individual elements to create an artwork that can be wall mounted and we will send the artwork to the final recipient.

Each artwork will be different from any other and will have the individual input from each of the gift givers.

You don’t need to be creative or artistic and no special tools are needed.

We will send you: the materials, instructions and suggestions.

You’ll need: Craft glue & scissors

Note: Payment includes delivery of first kit to individuals and delivery of finished product to final recipient address.

Images are indicative examples and each set of materials and finished artwork is unique.

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