Bringing new meaning to ‘plastic surgery’

Never underestimate the power of a Facebook comment. When Shari Meyer commented on our Facebook post about extraordinary dresses made from hospital Kimguard she probably wasn’t expecting to lead to finding a reuse for the kilos of plastic rescued at her workplace.

Shari is part of the Green Team at St George Private Hospital where they do their best to reuse repurpose recycle wherever they can.

There’s a lot of plastic discarded in hospitals. This plastic includes lids and bits and bobs that are removed before going anywhere near a patient, and unused tubing that isn’t suitable for medical use but will be awesome for creative reuse. It is all clean, and there’s no reason it can’t be given a second life.

After a trial collection of the small plastics, they discovered that over 2kg a week is being thrown into either the clinical waste or general waste. They wanted to rescue it, but what could they do with it?

That’s where we come in! After a chat with Shari about all the interesting and colourful pieces they rescue, Reverse Garbage will now be accepting these items for creative resuse. You’ll find them in our pick n mix area.

Kimguard is used to wrap the sterilised medical instruments in hospitals.

What to do with them?

We know our creative customers will have no probelm finding reuses for this wonderful resource.

Shari practices what she preaches. These are the two photos she shared on our Facebook post that caught our attention. Here she dyed the blue kimguard to make many elements of this display for a Willy Wonka themed Year 6 farewell.

Willy Wonka themed year 6 farewell.

She made this collage for Environment Week using all the little plastic that gets thrown away during an operation.

Shari, with the collage made from all the little plastics that get thrown away during an operation.

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