Write us a bush style poem, tune or song

Bush Music Club and Reverse Garbage have long been neighbours at Addison Road Community Centre.

To honour this long association, The Bush Music Club would like to invite the community to create a commemorative work for Reverse Garbage in the form of a poem, ballad, or song.

Brief: To write a poem, ballad, or song in ‘bush or traditional’ style, which honourably
commemorates Reverse Garbage as a long lasting, widely loved entity which is a leader in
community resilience, creative concepts, sustainability and resource management.

Themes and Inspiration:
– Reverse Garbage, a not for profit community organisation existing since 1975.
– The Reverse Garbage motto “Choose to Reuse”.
– The Reverse Garbage moving slogan “Reverse to the Future”.
– Environmentalism. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The competition will be judged by representatives of Reverse Garbage, with the winning works to be performed at the Reverse Garbage Carrington Road Reopening in 2022, and for the competition winner: a printed version framed and mounted at the new Reverse Garbage premises.

First Prize: The opportunity to perform your prize winning work, a bottle of wine, and a $50 voucher to spend at Reverse Garbage.

Runner Up: The opportunity to perform your prize winning work, and a bottle of wine.

The competition is open to all songwriters, writers, composers Australia wide.

If enough entries are received, The Bush Music Club will look at creating a CD or book which will commemorate and showcase all of the entries in this competition.

If the Winner cannot make it to Sydney for the Carrington Road opening, it would be possible for Bush Music Club Inc to find someone else to perform the work.

Last date for entries to be received: Midnight 28th February 2022.

Click here for the entry form.

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