About us

Reverse Garbage is a creative reuse centre making a difference in the world by reducing waste and creating change in the way we look at resources.

The organisation was established in 1975 by a group of teachers and community workers determined to ease pressure on the environment. Their plan was to divert industrial discards from landfill and reuse those materials in their classrooms.

More than four decades since it began, Reverse Garbage is now an internationally recognised environmental co-operative committed to promoting sustainability through the reuse of waste materials.

We encourage you to read more about us on the pages below.

Reverse Garbage is a registered not-for-profit charity.

Since 1975, Reverse Garbage has been protecting the planet from needless waste and enriching the community with a can-do creative spirit. The funds we raise in our shop help offset the cost of teaching creative reuse to kids, adults and community groups.

Your support, through membership, volunteering and donations, makes a big difference.


Our mission

Every time a product is thrown away, all the materials and energy that went into its initial production go to waste. Their value is wiped out. Forever. Continue reading “Our mission”

Our team

Reverse Garbage is a community co-operative managed by a volunteer Board of directors and operated by a small group of dedicated staff.  Continue reading “Our team”

Our plans & reports

Reverse Garbage offers the community an ethical shopping alternative and provides support and education to all those looking to live more sustainably and more creatively. Continue reading “Our plans & reports”

Our partners & projects

We love investing in our community by sharing our resources and expertise – and the returns come back to us (and the environment) in abundance. 

Continue reading “Our partners & projects”