Membership – Friends of Reverse Garbage

Membership as a Friend of Reverse Garbage is a great way to show your support for the work Reverse Garbage does:

  • as a leader in  creative reuse of industrial discards;
  • as a sustainability and reuse educational organisation; and
  • as an ethical shopping option for community groups, educators; artists, businesses and individuals.

Our annual membership fee is only $10. Your membership also entitles you have a say in how we are running the co-operative and to a 10% discount on all reuse items.

Your support for Reverse Garbage will help us continue our important work and to strengthen and grow for the future. Membership is one way we can demonstrate that our work is valued by the community when we apply for recognition and sponsorship.

To renew your member or to join please complete our membership form which you can download below, alternatively we can email it you or you can collect from the Front Counter and return it to us by email or in person.

You can pay your $10 membership fee by direct deposit, credit card or cash. All of the details about how you can pay are included in the attached membership form.

We hope to hear from you and to welcome you as a member soon.

RG Membership Form 2016-17