Each year Reverse Garbage collects tonnes of valuable resources including reusable off-cuts, over-runs, art & craft materials, stage props, knic-knacks, furniture and other items from hundreds of supporting commercial and industrial businesses, as well as through the generosity of the community.

These resources are sorted at our Marrickville Warehouse and made available to the general public for creative use – or ‘reuse’ – using resources to create new items or to give items a new purpose. For example, using coat hangers to make a lampshade, or wooden pallets to make furniture.

Why reuse? Reuse makes sense as it prolongs the life of a resource or resources. It saves the energy and materials needed to produce brand new materials; prevents otherwise useful resources going to waste/landfill; creates less air and water pollution than if it were recycled; and reduces money spent on new items and costs to dispose.

At Reverse Garbage the cost of items are kept low to encourage reuse and to allow resources to be accessible and affordable to everyone in our community. Our customers typically include individuals, families, teachers and students – from primary and secondary schools to TAFE and Universities – artists, retail stores, small and home-based businesses, theatre groups, home renovators and more.

Reuse Workshops

Reverse Garbage holds workshops at our Marrickville Warehouse and at venues throughout NSW, during school term and in the school holidays. We also work with organisations throughout greater Sydney and present sustainable creative workshops. Some have small charges and some are FREE.  For further information please visit our Workshops page or contact us at or 02 9569 3132.