Items we will CONSIDER

At Reverse Garbage we try and say “yes” to your generous donations as often as we can – but with limited storage space we  may have to refer you on to other agencies or organisations.

Please contact us via email with photos and dimensions of any goods or materials you would like to donate

The following is a list of some of the many items we MAY consider.  Please note: This list is not complete, nor binding and may change at any time.

We are unable to guarantee that we will accept any donation until we see it first hand.

NB:  the receiving staff have full discretion as to the suitability of donations.

  • Card & paper (new)
  • Fabric & textiles – rolls, large pieces, swatches, sample books
  • Haberdashery – Zippers, buttons, thread, belts, clips, shoulder pads, braid, ribbon
  • Leather – Belts, rolls, skins, off-cuts (larger than hand size)
  • Metals – Punch-outs, shelving brackets, wire, sheets
  • Visual merchandising – Mannequins, body shells, decorations, props, display items, corflute, signage and coloured contact
  • Netting and sun shade material
  • Containers  – plastic, glass and metal containers; plastic, cardboard and metal drums; plastic boxes, pots, and bottles
  • Plastic, cardboard & rubber tubing
  • Plastics and foam – sheet Perspex, acetate, cut-outs, polypropylene, stencils, vinyl, O-rings, expanded polystyrene (sheets and blocks), polyethelene foam, containers, neoprene, EVA skins, closed cell foam
  • Clean foam rubber and latex foam
  • Corks and bottle tops (must be clean and if metal, not rusted)
  • Film reels, projectors etc.
  • Props and Costumes –theatre props, costumes, set pieces, wigs, fake jewellery etc.
  • Theatre/Film Sets & Materials – flats, columns, treads, staging pieces, plinths, lighting gels, cradles (depending on size)
  • Furniture (no office furniture, including filing cabinets, or items made with MDF or particle board) – we can accept some furniture, please email photos to:
  • Doors
  • Industrial off-cuts
  • Commercial overruns
  • Some appliances, new and vintage
  • DIY materials – tools, fittings etc. (no paint or chemicals)
  • Building Materials – pavers, de-nailed timber etc. (no fibro, no plaster, no particle board)
  • Containers: Fibre, plastic and metal drums; glass and metal containers of all types
  • Wood & timber – interior/planed, flooring,  spools, frames, plywood etc.
  • Rope, cord & twine
  • Catering and medical disposables (unused, no sharps)
  • Foils and films
  • Stationery – pad paper, pens, pencils, blank paper etc.
  • Novelty & retail goods – excess stock
  • Anything unusual and anything suitable for craft!

If you have something interesting you think we may accept, please refer to our Making a Donation page for information regarding drop offs and pick ups.