Below are some handy links to find other reuse centres, environmental organisations and other useful contacts.

The Addison Road Community Centre – Australia’s largest and oldest community centre, ARCC is home to a range of community and environmental organisations, disadvantaged groups, not-for-profits, local artists and cultural groups. It is also where Reverse Garbage has been located for decades. Addison Rd Community Centre

Reuse Services and Centres

Recycling Near You – Planet’s Ark’s reuse, recycle and waste services directory. Recycling Near You

Reverse Garbage Brisbane (not affiliated with us): – Reverse Garbage Qld

The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre (Sydney) – The Bower

REmida Reuse Centre (Perth) – Remidawa

UNSW Stationery Reuse Centre (Sydney) – UNSW Stationary Reuse Centre

SCRAP Reuse Centre (San Francisco) – SCRAP San Fran

Environmental groups

The Green Living Centre – A sustainability education centre and joint initiative of the City of Sydney and Marrickville Council. Green Living Centre

Planet Ark – Planet Ark Environmental Foundation is an Australian not-for-profit organisation with a vision of a world where people live in balance with nature.  Planet Ark

Community Recycling Network of Australia – Community Recycling – reducing waste, creating local jobs, strengthening communities. Community Recycling Network

Community Groups We Work With

Palletable Furniture – Youth outreach program teaching participants building and construction skills. – Palletable Furniture

Useful Contacts

Clothing – The Clothing Exchange – Swap old clothing rather than dispose! Clothing Exchange

Mobile Phones – Mobile Muster – Recycling Scheme. Mobile Muster

Mattresses – Soft Landing. Soft Landing