Date: 10am – 1pm, Wednesday, 30 October 2019
Venue: our place
Suitable for: Early Childhood or OOSH Educators

Learn about improving sustainability and incorporating creative reuse in your program with this 3-hour professional learning workshop for Early Childhood or OOSH educators. 

The workshop will increase your capacity to use reuse materials in innovative, useful and creative ways. We will clarify waste disposal methods for common household items, and explore readily available waste materials to better understand their reuse potential. We will cover construction techniques using a variety of materials enabling educators to confidently implement reuse materials in your centre’s activities.

Depending on the needs of the group we will explore:

  • Introduction to reuse materials in educational and play-based contexts
  • Reuse materials in the Reverse Garbage Makerspace: tips, tricks and techniques for creative reuse  
  • Sorting, sourcing and the 3Rs: making the most of what’s available
  • Loose parts with reuse materials: theory, risk management and storage ideas
  • Warehouse tour and materials sourcing. 

$85 per participant (+GST) covers:

  • all workshop materials
  • certificate of attendance
  • expert workshop facilitators

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Suitable for: educators, teachers and P&C representatives
Duration: 2 hours
Date: 4-6pm, Wednesday, 13 November 2019

We’ll explore loose parts play for today’s children. Offering items that have no prescribed purpose supports invention, divergent thinking, problem solving, team work and activates children’s imagination.

In this introduction, we’ll discuss the theory and provide some practical tips on:

  • the benefits of loose parts play
  • how to introduce loose parts to the playground
  • who sets up and packs away equipment
  • sourcing and storage
  • safety rules.

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