Our workshops are a fun and engaging activity for kids in vacation care. Delivered by creative reuse experts, they are designed to cater to the interests and skills of a range of age groups.

Our skilled team of educators will get the kids working with materials from our vast array of industrial discards and quirky leftovers. The kids will get the chance to design and make something to take home with them, as well as being encouraged to think about sustainability and the value of creative reuse.

Reverse Garbage can create a fun and engaging activity at your vacation care program. Our skilled and creative team will arrive with enough material for your participants to make fun, interesting and useful objects or to work on a big group project from our vast array of reuse materials, industrial discards and quirky objects. 

While enjoying a creative activity the children can expand their thinking about reuse, be innovative and enjoy the satisfaction of making something themselves. 

Reverse Garbage activities add an element of sustainability to your program regardless of the primary focus.

Duration: 1.5 hours (or longer if you wish)
Venue: your place or ours
Group size:
Groups of over 30 will be split into smaller groups

Pricing: An individual quote will be provided depending on the number of educators required, your minimum expected numbers and the length of your visit as provided in your booking inquiry form. As an indication prices for 1.5 hour visit range from $12.50 to $18 alternatively you might like us to work to your budget.

(Travel fees apply to greater Sydney areas)


We will send one of our talented reuse artists to you (or you can come to us here at Marrickville). Over the afternoon the artist/s will work with groups of children to create either a large sculpture, collage or wall display made from cool reuse materials while discussing sustainability options. Each child will be able to see how they contributed to a larger installation. It could be temporary or a permanent display.

Cost: We will provide a quote based on your needs.
Duration: 2-4hrs


Welcome to the Creator Club where children are only limited by their imaginations. In this workshop Reverse Garbage facilitators will teach children how to reuse all sorts of unusual recycled items. Reverse Garbage workshops are tape-and-glue free, so children will learn other attachment techniques and be supported to use their ingenuity to create a final product. This is an open-ended, creative workshop, so children are free to use their imagination and create whatever they want out of the materials provided.


Children are challenged to be as creative and imaginative as they can with cardboard, masking tape, textas and stickers. This is an open-ended workshop so there is no prescribed outcome – whatever children can imagine, we can help them to create! The workshop is designed to encourage lateral thinking and imagination as well as to introduce children to the possibilities of recycled and reuse objects.


Remember all the classic games you used to play when you were a child? In this workshop, children will be able to create their very own games out of reuse and recycled materials. Be prepared to see water bottle skittles, marble runs, board games made with cardboard and bottle tops – and much more. This session is creative and crazy and introduces children to the wild possibilities of recycled and reuse objects. 



What happens to space waste?  Working in teams, students use industrial off-casts and e-waste materials to construct a space station, satellites, a lunar model or rockets. Students are challenged to consider the requirements for life in space as well as the opportunities offered by zero gravity as they design and construct their space module without the use of tape or glue.

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Why not add these activities to your booking.

Waste Sorting Challenge

Recycling can be confusing. How well do you and your students know which bits of household waste can and can’t be recycled – and how to do it? Our waste-sorting game will clarify all the different waste streams and give students the lowdown on what goes where.

Duration: 30 min
Max. students per session: 30