Our workshops show kindergarten students how to give waste materials a new life through creative reuse.

Our workshops are tape-and-glue free, using low-waste construction techniques like lacing and threading.

We can come to you or you can visit us at our education room at Marrickville.  Customised workshops are also available to suit your particular theme or unit.

Reverse Garbage workshops take students through a design process, aligned with NSW Syllabus outcomes, to facilitate creative thinking and collaboration.

‘Our experience today was fantastic. Your staff were enthusiastic, engaging and very helpful. The students and teachers extremely enjoyed the incursion and we definitely look forward to having you back again.’ 

                                                                                       South Coogee PS, May 2019 


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Make: Build a toy that moves – and learn how to get things running without batteries! Kids experiment with push/pull forces and use materials they would find in their own home to make their own battery-free push-toy. Children use low-waste construction techniques as they develop an understanding of how things move.

Duration: 60 minutes
Venue: Your place or ours
designed for Early Stage 1 students (but can be adapted to other year levels if required)
Capacity: maximum 25 students (or 1x class) 

NSW Syllabus links: STe- 6NE, STe-9ME, STe-5WT, STe-4WSVAES1.1, VAES1.2

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Imagine yourself with wild paper hair and bottle tops for eyes! Children can explore different approaches to portraiture and create their own self-portrait masterpieces with fabulous reused materials. They will develop simple construction techniques and an understanding of visual representation.

Duration: 60 minutes
Venue: Your place or ours 
Age: designed for Early Stage 1 students (but can be adapted to other year levels if required)
Capacity: maximum 25 students (or 1x class)

NSW Syllabus links: VAES1.1 VAES1.2 DRAES1.1 DRAES1.3

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This workshop is a fantastic way to give the children a chance to explore ‘loose parts play’.

Our giant kit of loose parts are reuse materials that can be moved around, put together, taken apart and rebuilt. Loose Parts Play sessions promotes social, active play, stimulates the imagination and inspires innovation, creativity and collaboration.

We can provide your students with an open-ended Loose Parts Play session or present them with a group construction challenge such as building a bridge, transporting an endangered animal or any other scenario that supports your learning goals.

It works with every age group and keeps them engaged for hours.

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