School Infrastructure NSW’s Sustainable Schools Grants invite all NSW public schools to apply for funding up to $15,000 to deliver practical sustainability-focused projects that link to the NSW curriculum. Round 4 is due Friday 1 December 2022.

Here’s two options for you to consider.

If you would like to explore other ways of empowering your students and to make their learning environments more sustainable, please get in touch and we can tailor a program and quote for you.

Reverse Garbage has been delivering sustainability education programs since we were established by a group of teachers in 1975. Our team of educators consists of experienced qualified primary teachers, environmental scientists and creative reuse experts.

You can find more information about the grant program here or Reverse Garbage here.

We look forward to working with you.

The Sustainable Schools Grants application is available here – Online Application Form

Option 1 – Sustainability sampler (suitable for stage 2 & 3)

We offer a range of workshops that explore several of the components of sustainbility.

  1. Incursion 1: Repurposing and repair – making something new from something that has been discarded. (design, STEM)
  2. Incursion 2: Fash from Trash – maker activity that considers textile waste.
  3. Incursion 3: Reuse artworks (assemblage, sculpture)
  4. Incursion 4: Sustainable house maker workshop – (water saving, energy, building design, compost, worms)

On the same one day, you choose whether you have:

  • one class do all four sessions
  • four classes doing the same workshop
  • four classes do one of the topics each

Time frame: A full school day or four 1.5 hour sessions (up to 35 students)
Sydney Metro Schools: $1700 one full day
Blue Mountains / Central Coast / Illawarra: $1850 (includes travel costs)
Other areas: please ask for a quote.

Reverse Garbage has a Workshop Risk Management Plan for incursions. Click here to use ours or  provide your own.

Option 2- Loose Parts play day

This workshop is fantastic way to give the children a chance to explore ‘loose parts play’.

Our giant kit of loose parts are reuse materials that can be moved around, put together, taken apart and rebuilt. Loose Parts Play sessions promote social, active play, stimulate the imagination and inspire innovation, creativity and collaboration.

We can provide your students with an open-ended Loose Parts Play session or present them with a group construction challenge such as building a bridge, transporting an endangered animal or any other scenario that supports your learning goals.

It works with every age group and will keep them engaged for hours. This workshop is also an opportunity to test run how loose parts play might work in your environment.

Whole day visit 9.00am-3pm (30 mins each group of 30 children) – depending on school’s timetable.
Sydney Metro Schools: $1400

Blue Mountains/ Central Coast/ Wollongong: $1550 (includes travel costs)

Other areas: please ask for a quote

Reverse Garbage has a Workshop Risk Management Plan for incursions. Click here to use ours or  provide your own.