Introduce your students to the innovative and inexpensive possibilities of sustainable reuse materials. In this one hour session, students will be introduced to reuse materials and given tips and tricks on how to work with items that were originally designed for a different purpose. Students will be given a budget and a design challenge, and then set free in the warehouse with plenty of time to discover and collect materials. Finds are brought back to our Makerspace for a collaborative discussion with a reuse expert on how best they can be used in the context of their project. 

Duration: 60 minutes
Venue: only available on-site at Reverse Garbage
Capacity: maximum 5-30 students
Price: $12.50 inc GST (includes one bag from our ‘Fill-a-bag’ area)
Subjects: We can tailor a session to suit the context: education, art, sculpture, jewellery, millinery, upholstery and furniture, textiles, design, technology, education, interior design, drama or photography.

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Fill-a-Bag – or fill a sack!

Take advantage of our eclectic range and have students choose some unique reuse materials to work with when they get back to class. We have several shopping options for groups:

  • for $7 a head, each student can fill a shopping bag with materials of their choice from our Fill-a-Bag area
  • for $25 a sack, students can work together to fill a hessian sack full of materials from our Fill-a-Bag area (one sack should be enough for a whole class).

Groups with particular projects in mind can be given a set budget and allowed to shop from anywhere in the warehouse. And if you get back to the classroom and realise you need something more, check out our online store!