Talks, tours and workshops held onsite at Reverse Garbage’s iconic Marrickville site give students the opportunity to take part in a variety of experiences around reuse and sustainability.

Students can tour the warehouse, choose their own materials, take part in a recycling challenge, play with reuse loose parts materials, visit a worm farm and composting facility..

See below for a rundown on the activities we can offer! If you’d like to know more, or if you’d like to get some ideas for how to schedule a day full of activities, email us at or give us a call on 02 9569 3132.

To find a time and get a quote please fill out our online booking form here and we will be in touch. 

Warehouse tours

A tour of the warehouse introduces children to the amazing range of materials we collect from commercial and light industrial sources. Children are given the opportunity to touch and feel the materials, then encouraged to find materials with different properties and suggest ways they could be reused.

Cost: Please speak to us to price this activity
Duration: 30-45 min
Max students per session: 50

Fill-a-bag – or sack!

Take advantage of our eclectic range and have students choose some unique reuse materials to work with when they get back to school. We have several shopping options for class groups:

  • for $7 a head, each student can fill a shopping bag with materials of their choice from our Fill-a-Bag area
  • for $25 a sack, students can work together to fill a hessian sack full of materials from our Fill-a-Bag area (one sack should be enough for a whole class).

Groups with particular projects in mind can be given a set budget and allowed to shop from anywhere in the warehouse. And if you get back to the classroom and realise you need something more, check out our online store!

Waste Sorting Challenge

Recycling can be confusing. How well do you and your students know which bits of household waste can and can’t be recycled – and how to do it? Our waste-sorting game will clarify all the different waste streams and give students the lowdown on what goes where.

Cost: Please speak to our educator to price this activity
Duration: 45 min
Max. students per session: 30

Giant Loose Parts Play

Have your students tried ‘loose parts play’? Our loose parts are reuse materials that can be moved around, put together, taken apart and rebuilt. Loose Parts Play sessions promote social, active play, stimulate the imagination and inspire innovation, creativity and collaboration.  We can provide your students with an open-ended Loose Parts Play session or present them with a group construction challenge such as building a bridge, transporting an endangered animal or any other scenario that supports your learning goals.

Cost: Please speak to our educator to price this activity
Duration: 60-90 min
Max. students per session: 30

Worm farm and composting facility talk

One of our neighbours at the Addison Road Community Centre is Hobogro: a community composting and worm farm organisation. Bob from Hobogro is a recognised expert and can introduce your students to all the ins and outs of worm farms and composting, including a chance to meet the worms up close! 

Cost: Please speak to our educator to price this activity
Duration: 30 min
Max. students per session: 30