CD seed cases

Plant seeds in transparent CD cases and watch as roots develop and the seed grows.

  1. Remove the CD tray and any pieces of paper or card from the inside of the CD case so that all you are left with is the transparent box.
  2. Lay the case in front of you with the hinged side at the top. Open the case out and press damp soil into the bottom third of the tray in front of you.
  3. Place several seeds into the damp soil and sprinkle or spray a little bit of water on top.
  4. Close the lid of the CD case to enclose the soil and seeds. You might like to place a little bit of clear tape at each corner to ensure the case stays tightly shut.
  5. Place the case in a spot that gets a good amount of sunlight every day, such as a sunny window sill.
  6. The seeds will need watering from time to time. You can lay the case flat, take off the tape, open the lid and spray with water for a spray bottle. Or you can gently immerse the bottom of the case in a bowl of water.
  7. Stand back – and watch your seed grow!