CD storage unit

By making boxes from old CD-cases, you can assemble a storage unit to suit your needs.

  1. Remove all plastic and paper inserts from the CD cases so that all you are left with are the transparent boxes.
  2. Next, gently separate the case into two separate trays. Each side of your box will be made up of a single tray.
  3. To start building the box, run a line of glue down the flat edge of the tray that once formed the spine, and fix it to the outer edge of a second tray. Hold the two trays gently and wait a few moments for the glue to dry.
  4. Continue in this way, running glue along the flat edge of each tray and fixing it to the outer edge of the next tray, until you have four sides to your box. Add a fifth tray to create a bottom for the box, if you wish.
  5. Stack the boxes to suit the items you are storing. For long-term use, think about gluing the boxes in place for extra stability.