Custom stamps

Create your very own wrapping paper, cards and labels with these simple, homemade stamps.

  1. Pop into Reverse Garbage and pick up some offcuts of foam core (a material usually used for modelling and signage). These will be the base for your stamps.
  2. Now, take scraps of thin foam or thick card and glue them onto your foam core to create simple shapes or patterns. If you want to create words, just remember to stick the letters on your foam core back to front so they will work later when you are stamping.
  3. Dip your stamp in some paint and start stamping!Expert tip: each time you dip your stamp into the paint, do your first stamp onto some scrap paper. This removes any excess paint so you won’t leave blobs on the surface you are decorating.

If you want to make a stamp out of things you have lying around the house, try gluing buttons or cut-out shapes onto old corks.