Colourful Twirly-whirlies, made from old street banners, make a dizzying decoration for a party or a play area.

  1. You’ll need two street banners to make your Twirly-whirly. Remember, these banners are designed to be used outside on flagpoles, so they have a sturdy construction with a thick sewn edge. Before you begin your Twirly-whirly, cut the edges off both banners, on all four sides.
  2. Make a series of cuts across the shorter edge of each banner. They should each be 5cm long, and spaced about 5cm apart. Using those cuts as a starting point, rip the fabric into strips down the length of each banner. Don’t worry if your strips are a little uneven. Set the strips aside, taking care to avoid tangles.
  3. Take a hoop made of wood or wire and wind one or two fabric strips around it to cover it completely. Repeat with a second hoop. Set the hoops aside.
  4. Now, take four long strips and knot them firmly at the top. Hang the knotted end from something like a clothes line or a tree branch, then use the strips to tie the first hoop in place, as shown, and then the second hoop below.
  5. Tie the remaining strips to the lower hoop, mixing or matching colours as you please. We recommend using a lark’s head knot.
  6. Once all the strips are in place, hang the Twirly-whirly in its final location – and enjoy!