Woven coasters

Keep your table-tops free of water marks with these nifty coasters.

    1. Look through an old magazine and select three pages that will give you the patterns or colours you want for your coaster. Carefully tear the pages out of the magazine.
    2. Fold each one in half vertically and rip along the fold to create two long strips per page.
    3. Fold each strip in half vertically, then unfold to reveal a centre line down the middle of the strip. Fold in each of the outside edges to meet the centre line. This will give you a long, thin strip with no ripped edges visible. At this point you will have six long, thin strips.
    4. Fold the strips in half and start weaving, over and under, as shown.
    5. To finish, tuck in the ends of each strip so they are not visible.

Voila! Ready for a hot cuppa.