Professional Development

Professional Learning Seminars for early childhood educators – tailored for your Service

Reverse Garbage can support ECL centres and EL Groups to convene professional learning seminars for up to 100 Educators. The key learning objective for the seminar is to increase knowledge and skills in sustainability and reuse in early childhood programming and operations.

Seminar components

Reverse Garbage will develop and deliver three 1.5 hour workshops for up to 35 people each.

Workshop/small group topics can be delivered individually as a short training session or three topics can be grouped together to create a full day training. Workshops may also be offered concurrently to allow 100 educators to attend three sessions over the course of a day. (Sample seminar timetables are included on the flyer attached)

In addition, Reverse Garbage brings a wide range of materials and kits for inspirational displays and a “pop-up” shop to allow educators to gather ideas and purchase resources for their centres.

mix and match Workshop topics

Loose parts and open-ended materials for all ages

In an early childhood setting, loose parts are materials that inspire children’s imagination and creativity. Loose parts can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together by children in multiple ways. Loose parts can be natural or synthetic, large or small, indoor or outdoor.

This workshop touches on the theory of loose parts providing an introduction to loose parts play and the creative reuse of everyday items to enhance play & learning. Hands on practical examples of loose parts play will be explored and participants will have the opportunity to discover how they can incorporate loose parts into their centres across all ages.

Loose Parts

Simple Science – investigations with reuse items

STEM is an important part of programming for early years learning. Scientific investigation is a valuable way for young children to explore their world and become independent learners.  This workshop will teach educators how to use recyclable or reuse materials to conduct simple and low cost science experiments and investigations in an early learning context.

The presenter will teach clear and simple ways to make science an everyday part of your centre’s activities. The workshop includes the opportunity for each participant to make a STEM resource for use in their centre.


Sustainability across learning outcomes

The Reverse Garbage trainer will work with participants to explore how reuse and open ended materials can support children to be confident and independent learners – including through creative play, and dynamic processes for developing literacy and numeracy skills. The workshop will consider ideas and applications across all age groups from babies to pre-schoolers.

Participants will learn how you can make the most of resources by turning waste into new and useful items to support their programming. Each participant will make a learning resource for use in their centre.

Push or Pull?

Creativity and Innovation: Key Skills for Sustainability

Sustainability is more than just a worm farm! Educators have a key role in fostering the development of a wide range of skills for sustainability. Among these creativity and innovation are core. This topics looks some of the theory that supports the development of these key skills and explores opportunities for enhancing practice to scaffold learning for the future.

Participants will be guided through activities that allow them to discover their own creativity. Practical options for implementing creative and innovative programming through open ended materials and creative reuse will also be covered.

And More

The Reverse Garbage Education team can include train the trainer sessions for the creative reuse workshops that we offer such as Noise Makers, Under the Sea, Pushme Pullyou and Look at Me.

For further details please read our flyer here: ECH Professional Development

Or contact our Education Coordinator at or 02 9569 3132