Sustainable shopping centre installations for Summer

More than 90% of the materials used to make Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre’s astounding summer decorations came from creative reuse centre, Reverse Garbage. Bottle tops, plastic cutlery, bra cups, polystyrene, fabric samples and hessian coffee sacks that were discarded by their first owner and would go straight to landfill if it weren’t for Reverse Garbage, … Continue reading Sustainable shopping centre installations for Summer

Bringing new meaning to ‘plastic surgery’

Never underestimate the power of a Facebook comment. When Shari Meyer commented on our Facebook post about extraordinary dresses made from hospital Kimguard she probably wasn’t expecting to lead to finding a reuse for the kilos of plastic rescued at her workplace. Shari is part of the Green Team at St George Private Hospital where … Continue reading Bringing new meaning to ‘plastic surgery’

Kids Holiday fun at Reverse Garbage – Book now!

Reverse Garbage’ public workshops are educational, affordable and focused on sustainability and creative reuse. Book a workshop today.

ZERO WASTE Children’s Parties

Invite us to your birthday party and we’ll run an activity suitable for your theme and your guests’ age group. We can bring our giant loose parts play kit or our reuse resources so guests can make their own party hats and decorations, create their own unique piece of  junk jewellery, tinker with tools, design … Continue reading ZERO WASTE Children’s Parties

Collaborative Group Artwork For Kids Or Adults

Work with friends or family to build an artwork to give as a gift or as a team-building activity. Using Reverse Garbage’s unique reuse materials each member will receive a kit with instructions to create a part of an artwork. Individuals create their piece and return them. Our artist will then use the individual elements … Continue reading Collaborative Group Artwork For Kids Or Adults

Mail out craft activities and live classes

We have turned our education room into a recording studio and have taught ourselves how to ‘go live’. If you are looking for an activity that is good for the environment and will get the kids thinking creatively about reuse materials and how we can all be more sustainable then check out what we are … Continue reading Mail out craft activities and live classes

Isolation Kids Challenge #RGkidsISOchallenge

Attention parents! Looking for ways to keep your kids entertained during isolation? We are running a competition and we want to see your child’s arty reuse creations! So whilst stuck at home in isolation, get your kids to make something creative and arty out of waste or packaging they find around the house! It’s a … Continue reading Isolation Kids Challenge #RGkidsISOchallenge